Look, alls I know is,
you got a problem,
you call a professional !

No ! They said no cops.
They were darn clear on that, Wade.

They said, "You call your cops,
and we're gonna shoot- "

of course they're
gonna say that !

Where's my protection ?
They got Jean here.

I give these
sons of bitches $1 million,

where's my guarantee
they're gonna let her go ?

Well, they-
$1 million is a lot of damn money.

Yeah, but think this-
there they are. They got my daughter.

Think this thing through
here, Wade. You give 'em what they want,

why won't they let her go ?
You gotta listen to me
on this one, Wade.

Ah, heck.
You don't know.

You're just
whistling Dixie here.

I'm sayin' the cops,
they can advise us on this.

I'm sayin' call a professional.
No ! No cops !

That's final.
This is my deal here, Wade.
Jean is my wife here.
I gotta tell you, Wade.
I'm leaning to Jerry's viewpoint here.

we gotta protect Jean. These-

we're not holding
any cards here, Wade.

They got 'em all,
so they call the shots.

You're darn tootin'.
Ah, damn it !

I'm tellin' ya.
Well, why- why don't we-

Stan, I'm thinkin'
we should offer 'em a half-million, okay ?

Now, come on here !
No way, Wade ! No way !

We're not horse tradin' here, Wade.

We gotta just bite the bullet on this thing.

So, uh, what's the next step
here, Jerry ?

They're gonna call me up
and give me instructions for a drop.

I'm supposed to have the money ready tomorrow.
Damn it !

How was everything today ?
Yah. Real good, now.
How you doin' ?
Okay. Now, we'll
get the money together.

Don't worry about it,

Now, do you want anyone
at home with ya till they call ?

No. I- they don't want-
they were just supposed
to be dealing with me. They were real clear.

You know, they said no one listenin' in.

They'll be watchin',
you know.

Maybe it's all bull,
but like you said, stan, they're callin' the shots.

Okay. Now, is, uh,
is Scotty gonna be all right ?

Yeah, Jeez, Scotty.