at which time I hope that the Attorney
General's office will have evidence

to back up their accusations.
- I'll produce it all right.
- Good. We're adjourned.

Our witness is dead.
My witness is dead?
- Mantajano's people got to him.
- He was in a safe house. How?

Some Cuban delivered him
a carton of Chinese food full of C-4.

I just told the Committee on Organized
Crime and 60 million TV viewers

that I would produce a witness
in 72 hours.

I understand,
but what are we going to do about it?

"We"? As a federal marshal,
you are directly responsible

for the custody and protection
of all witnesses.

So the problem is,
you got my witness killed.

You do something about it
by Monday morning

or start thinking about
an early retirement.

Sweet little kitty.
Got them virgin hands.
Cute little kitty cat like you
ain't supposed to be shovellin' ditches.

This here is man's work.
Hey, bitch, are you listenin' to me?