This is Marshal Schiller,
Attorney General's office.

Welcome to the land
of CNN and Coca-Cola.

We don't want to be on CNN and hope not
to get too thirsty capturing these fugitives.

The Marshal will head the manhunt.
Since you arrested Dodge,
you can give Schiller a jump-start
on where to look for these boys.

He's probably headin' back to Atlanta,
about 30 miles from here.

If we put out an all-points and local news
profiles, we should have 'em by nightfall.

Let me talk to you for a minute, Matthew.
This guy Schiller is no regular cop. He
was sent by the Attorney General's office.

They want a press blackout on this.
- We do want to catch these boys, right?
- Damn right.

But we don't want police reports
all over the six o'clock news.

So I'm supposed to play Seeing Eye dog
to the Attorney General's trigger man

without askin' what, when or why.
My job is to make sure you give
these boys what they need. Are we clear?

- Yeah. We're clear.
- Good.

Now let's get Marshal Schiller
on these fugitives' trail.

Hold up a second.
Shit. What are you doing?
Are you done?
Not unless you wanna
wipe it off for me, convict.

Let's go.