- Which one?
- A greedy one.

They took and never gave back.
I taught 'em a lesson.

- Real nice, but how'd you get the money?
- Once I was in, it was easy.

I transferred money from their accounts
into a dummy company I had set up.

I wrote a corporate cheque to a friend.
He closed the account, gave me the cash.

Very smooth.
So who's your friend?
- You writin' a book?
- I wanna know who's sharin' my money.

Everything was planned, sir.
I can't control it if some convict
starts shootin' up the road crew.

He won't be shootin' anybody else.
The most important thing is
Dodge is on the move and we are on him.

The locals have no idea what's goin' on.
Politicians put a lot of pressure
on you with this, huh?

- You mean the Attorney General's office.
- Right.

- Who said I was talkin' to them?
- You just did.

- You think you're pretty smart, don't you?
- Nope. Just average for a country boy.

- Did you notify the fugitive's next of kin?
- They're not a priority on my list.

What exactly is a priority on your list?
Bringing these fugitives to justice.
My hunch is
they're more pawns than fugitives.

It seems to me your hunches are more
like a Hardy Boys mystery than real life.

And I think that
you are spittin' in the wind.

And you know what they say
about spittin' in the wind.

It can blow back in your face.