Look at this shit.
These trick-ass bitches? Come on, man.

They don't give nothin'
but about their fuckin' dollar.

Bullshit. And I'll prove it to you.
How much you wanna bet
I can roll up there

and lay a nice, long,
sweet, wet kiss on that girl?

And it'll only take one of them roses.
You game?

That is my game.
- You think you got it like that?
- Oh, I think he do.

Forget that. I bet you $500 he can do it.
Then I'm gonna take your $500
and give it to him just for doin' it!

It's worth that much
to see you look like a asshole.

What's up with this new shit?
Why don't you kiss his ass?
You sidin' with him now?

I ain't sidin' with nobody.
I'm down with anybody that's got heart.

He's got heart. The question is,
do you, my brother?
Oh, yeah.
Motherfucker, you on.
And you're up.
Opie, don't disappoint me, man.
I got money on you.

I'm watchin' you, white boy.
Yeah, come on, baby. Come on!
Welcome home, Thug.
Don't let me down.
Hell, yeah! I told you he could do it.
- Fuck that. They know each other.
- He don't know her.

- He set me up.
- Ain't nobody set you up.

Just shut up and give me this money.
Just goes to show you
don't have to go to church to have Faith!

Let's give a Blue Flame welcome to
Robin, Lark and Sparrow.

Are you raiding my private files?
I gotta get to Puffy.
Now's the time he's on the Pyramid Web.

- Hasn't he caused enough trouble?
- Yes, but he'll get us out of it.

- This is a guy thing, right?
- Right.