1 dollar, thanks. Fish in the bucket.
1 dollar, thanks.
Fish go in the bucket. Excuse me!

You need a fish to get in.
I don't have to pay, Kim.
I own this circus.

What's going on here?
- Dh, hi!

My best havanas! - It's the
Flipper Show! - Who's Flipper?

Alright, the Flipper Show is over.
All you kids go home, now!

Come on.
- Sorry.

You can have your fish back.
Give me my fish!
- Now!

See ya, Sandy.
Go easy on him, Mr. Ricks.

You were gonna fix the house!
- I did it so Flipper could eat.

Who do you think you're dealing with?
You did it to turn some coin.

I didn't do too bad
for myself either. Hey!

Half cut!
As for you, you oversized guppy...

I'll have to bring out the heavy guns.
We're gonna try a new approach.
It's called "Dealing with your crap."

This is how it works. Number 1:
You're gonna take responsibility for
your actions and the consequences.

Number 2: You're
gonna start getting up on time.

And at work,
you're gonna hump, not gripe.