Sorry, is that the wrong question?
Not at all, Sandy.
I'd be interested in the answer.

Eat up, it's getting cold.
Well, the gang's all here.
Word has it you have a pet dolphin.
I wouldn't call it a pet, Dirk.
No? The way fishing's been,
we don't need a dolphin...

to tear holes in nets and steal bait.
But you know that, don't you?
We're talking about one dolphin.
- You stay out of this.

Dne dolphin is one too many.
Bad smell around here.
What's his problem? - He resents
anything smarter than he is.

That includes about everything,
even these clams.

Get him!
- Dut of the way!

What are you doing?
You're hurting him!

That's enough!
You've had your fun. Let him go.
- It's the Greenpeace Warrior!

The animal means something
to the kid. - It does?

Well, isn't that sweet?
Isn't that sweet, boys?
The kid and the fish are pals.
I'd watch how I make friends.
- Enough!