I know you miss him.
He belongs out there.

Things seem to mess up
when you care about them.

It's like they say:
"To live is to love.

All reason's against it,
all instinct's for it."

What does that mean?
- I dunno. Read it on a calendar.

It's good to care. People who don't
wind up drooling cream spinach.

How come you don't have any kids?
Kids require commitment.
That's not one of my strengths.

If had a kid,
he'd might turn out like me.

Might not be bad.
He could turn out like you.
- Now that'd be a nightmare!

Special delivery.
I got us front and center.
You're really going
to the concert? - Why not?

I was grunge before they named it.
Speakin' of grunge,
there's a load of dirty laundry

with your name on it. Enjoy.
What's the matter?