- You had to provide care for this man ?
- Get crucial.

This guy was pissin' his sheets
nearly every night.

Just bein' near him
made me want to puke my guts out.

So what happened
when you refused ?

They just started treatin' me like I was
the biggest bitch who'd ever been born.

Then this one night, just a couple weeks
after I'd been placed there,

I woke up to see Grandpa standin'
over me with his cane in one hand...

and his you-know-what
in the other.

My God.
What happened ?

- I told him to get the hell out.
- I take it he didn't.

No. That's when he tried to
slip it under the covers with me,

and I just went crazy on him.
What do you mean,
you went crazy ?

I was pissed off
'cause I couldn't see my mom,

and havin' this perv standin' over me
waggin' his thing in my face

was just the last straw.
So what did you do ?
Well, I got up on my knees,
and just slapped his dentures
half out of his face.

And then I dropped down on his chest
and just started whalin' on him,

beatin' him up so hard
and swearin' so loud.

My God.
So then the lights went on, and
Mr. Morales showed up in his pajamas.

- Well, thank God he was there.
- Yeah, right.

Hit me so hard, I had to have my jaw
wired shut for nearly three months.

Broke my nose, too.
That's how come it's so big.

Your nose is not big.
It's pretty damn big.
Was this man ever punished ?
Are you kidding ?
A pillar of society like Mr. Morales ?

No. But my mom got out of rehab
a couple days later

so I didn't have to
go back or nothin'.

You were telling me a little while ago
that your stepdad was on parole.

Oh, yeah.
Larry's been in lots of pens

like this one federal place
up in Illinois, Marion.

It's just mostly for drug shit.