Harriet the Spy

Who's starving?
I cook, I clean,
I do the dishes and the books.

What do you mean,
do the books?

These are the books.
Every week I get a check.
I write the amount
down in here,

I pay the bills and then
whatever's left is food money.

I hate money.
You'd like it a lot more
if you didn't have any.

I got to get to work.
Hey, Sport?
No! Don't.
Yeah, yeah, come on.
Strike a pose.
Spy route: Brand-new stalk.
Home of Agatha K. Plummer,
a big private house
with big-type security.

Until today.
A spy must choose
ingenious tricks,

must blend
into her surroundings.

Hiya, Freckles.
Must live with being called...

Here we go, in you go.
Here he is.
So, here's the little monster.
Bye. Wave to the man.