Harriet the Spy

What was that?
I have no idea.
Then why don't you
go over there and get an idea?
And if it's that rat...
kill it!
Oh, Mrs. Plummer,
I'm sure
it's absolutely nothing.
Oh, well...
A good spy never gets caught.
A good spy
never gets caught.

A good spy never gets caught.
I am the suckiest spy on earth.
Hey, Harriet, check this out.
"This year's winter
pageant promises

"to be truly inspiring,
as Miss Elson's

"sixth grade class
presents a holiday feast,

"starring a turkey, vegetables,
"and a grand finale
of delicious, dancing... gravy."
Oh, my God.
I'd like to see her
split a turkey suit

with butt-breath
Pinky Whitehead.

Hurry up.
You're so slow.
Come on, you guys.
Harriet, you want
to go play in the park?

Or do you have to do that
top secret spy deal again?

No. I can play.
You can?
Yeah, come on.
No way.
I still say we play
"Buy the Volvo."

No way.
- That's stupid.
- No.

No way!
You guys, I can be the dealer.
You guys can be
the couples looking

for a sassy yet affordable
family vehicle.

Get real.
Yeah, right.
Okay, I've got it:
Hide and Seek.

- No.
- Hide and Seek?

I am set.
That's retarded.
Red Rover, Red Rover.
That's a kid's game.
I don't think so.