If Lucy Fell

Here´s five dollars, all right?
Go buy yourself a nice breakfast.
My friend!
Man, I love you! I love you!

- Get the hell off me!
- I´ll be right back.

Dick, Richie, Rich, Ricardo.
Joe, have you seen my shoe?
Have I seen your shoe? No.
Come on, Lucy, let´s do this.
You all dressed?
My shoe...
You can get it next time.
You are too brutal, Lucy.
Give the guy a break.

Bye, I had a nice time.
I´ll call you.

- You´re doing it again.
- What?

Mushing my head out the door.
Could you not...

- do that?
- I wasn´t mushing. You were leaving.

I can´t take this anymore.
Lucy, I want you to decide.
After two-and-a-half years
of sleeping with you...

going to dinner...
not seeing anyone else...
meeting families...
I think I may have given you
a ring at one point.

Okay, am I?
Are we boyfriend and girlfriend, or no?
That´s it.
Let me see.
Lucy, not the hug test again.
No, Dick.
Oh, right.
Bye, Lucy.