If Lucy Fell

- What do you want to paint?
- A rainbow.

Let´s start with what?
A little red?

My goodness, who would leave
this phone here like this?

How was class?
Do you think
you help people in therapy?

Well, I try.
I think it´s possible.
The pain in these kids sometimes is...
It just makes me sad.
Oh, another deep painting subject day?
Why do you always do that?
Act flippant about things
that are important to me?

You´ve reconsidered the death pact?
You´re afraid I may be right.
You won´t answer one question.

What I hear you saying is
you´re frightened.

Do you want to tell me, or do you want
to keep projecting your fears onto me?

I´m not projecting shit.
Why do you act flippant about things
that are important to me?

I don´t feel that I do.
You do.
That´s your perception.
It´s not perception.
I feel like a piece of shit
when you act like you don´t care.

That´s how I feel.
That´s no perception.

Are you having a crisis aboutJane?
I could understand if I were celibate,
if I were saving myself 5 years...