If Lucy Fell

if I were obsessing over someone and
didn´t have the courage to talk to them.

I can imagine that I might be in
a bit of a crisis about this person.

You have a glib response for everything.
You´re in a little shell. You hide
behind your smug, pseudointellectual...

psychobabble humor.
Want to talk about being afraid?
Let´s talk about Dick.

Why don´t we talk about two-and-a-half
years of you hiding behind Dick?

You don´t give a shit about him.
You could care less about how he feels.

And turn down everything
that´s come along.

If you want to talk about being afraid,
forget me. Let´s talk about you.

If everybody weren´t afraid, then nobody
would know how nice it feels to be safe.

All right, Lucy...
28 days.
I´ll talk toJane.
You´ll go out with anyone who asks.
At the end of this month, if nothing
changes, we´ll jump off a bridge.

- This is it. You take it.
- My God!

"The New York City Board of Education
is pleased to inform you...

that having met
the necessary requirements...

your application has been accepted.

Just answer these questions:"
What´re the questions?
They´re giving us our school!
What are the questions, Joe? What?
"What is your teaching philosophy?"