If Lucy Fell

I´ll answer your question...
but this is the last time
I´ll talk about it.

The last time. Forever.
You swear?
What do you mean?
Mother Theresa and the missionaries
drink the lepers spit.

I wondered if you´d drink mine.
How would we actually do it?
You would just...

I´d open my mouth
and you´d spit in there, or what?

Would you spit in a cup
and I´d drink it?

No, no, I´d be like...
I´d pucker my lips and I´d gather
my spit in my lips like this.

Then you´d kiss me and suck it up.
- I wouldn´t be interested.
- Really?

- You don´t love me enough?
- Of course I love you.

- You don´t want to kiss me?
- I´d make out with you right now.

I just don´t want to drink your spit.
When people kiss a lot,
they basically drink each other´s spit.

But that´s different.
That´s involuntary spit exchange.

- I have a date tomorrow.
- What?

- I have a date.
- With who?

A really cute idiot savant guy I met.
He started talking to you?
- Where? On the street?
- In a coffee shop.

You liked him?
You had to because of the pact.
I told you it´d work out.
I love this life! I love it!
- Hi.
- Hi.