If Lucy Fell

Got to look good for the big date
tonight, kids! Suntan lotion!

- How are you?
- I´m beautiful, how´re you?

I´d like to buy suntan products.
SP factor?
- Excuse me?
- SP factor?

No, that´s okay.
I´ll just have suntan lotion.

What sun protection factor?
Oh, sun protection factor.
"SP," sun protection.

- What do you suggest?
- For you?

- Thirty.
- Thirty.

Give me a four.
Actually, better yet, give me...

that deep tanning tropical oil.
- That´s only two.
- Excellent.

At least get sunblock for your nose.
Whatever it is you think you´re doing,
do it away from me.

Why can´t we just love each other?
We have to be there in half an hour
or we´ll be late.

- I´m not going.
- Please, come on, will you just...

Let me see.
Lift your chin.

Five years I wait to meetJane.
Five years.
Let me see.
I´ll tell you if you should worry.

Just lift your face.
We must go.

Let me see.
It´s not bad.
I barely see anything.

- Come on.
- It´s minimal.

You barely...