If Lucy Fell

The white ring I mean!
I know, and it´s nothing.
No one´s even going to notice it.
It´s fine.

No one´ll notice that?
Doesn´t it look weird?
It´ll be fine. Let´s go.
You have to get dressed still.

You´ll look great.
Don´t worry.

- What about makeup?
- No, do not put makeup on.

You´ll look great. Leave it alone.
Get dressed, let´s go.

Thanks, Lucy.
Just be a sec.
How am I going to explain
she´s in every one of my paintings?

She´s going to think
I´m a freaky Peeping Tom freak man.

Only you can see that, okay?
You can´t see my girlfriend Jane
in that painting there?

In that painting? Or that?
Not in that one.
Jane kissing God.
Jane and the elephants.

The big loveJane.
You can´t see that?

You see her face there, her clothes?
She has clothes?
Good, fine. Good.
No one can see. Only me. Good.

- What´s wrong with you?
- This is dumb.

Relax. Interview loves it,
and I think the Voice does too.

- Whatever.
- It´s over 50%% sold, Joe.

Whatever, Rene, the girl´s not coming.
It´s just dumb.

- This one I´m going to buy.
- Really?

I think it sums up the historical
sexual struggle so completely...

that it´s inspiring.
So you would consider yourself...
" Limp Cock Man"?
Yeah. Proudly.