If Lucy Fell

Excuse me.
Where is Joe MacGonaughgill?
- You´re...
- Jane.

Yeah, I know.
I mean, Jane, I know.

I know lots ofJanes.
Well, I don´t know lots ofJanes, but...
I have one...
good friend named Jane.
That´s nice.
You really are pretty.
Thank you. Thanks.
You look fantastic.
Your dress is pretty.
I thinkJoe is...
There he is.
Joe... this is Jane.
Jane Lindquist.
Joe MacGonaughgill.
It´s good to meet you.
- I see you met Lucy.
- We met over there.

I have herpes.
I mean...

not downstairs.
I just get very...
herpetic outbreaks on my mouth.
I wanted to look especially nice
for the opening.

So today I did a little tanning thing.
So I put this sunblock on my mouth
especially so I wouldn´t get...

any cold sores.
I didn´t get any cold sores.
I did get a white ring around my mouth.
I didn´t notice it.
Here´s the thing.
See, I´m aware...

that you find me
extremely attractive.

There´s a heat.
There´s a thing.