If Lucy Fell

were like...
insignificant bits of nothingness
compared to the magnificence...

which was her beauty.
I am completely in love with her.
She is God´s woman.
And He has...
He has given her to me.
That sounds great.
You should be happy.
You think?
Yeah, because she´s not
a fantasy anymore to you.

She´s a real woman.
She´s a perfect...
real woman.
Come on.
That´s nice.
By the way...
what was up with you leaving with...
Bwick Elias?
I don´t know. He´s funny.
He´s an idiot, but funny.

I sort of like dating.
I´m getting it.

What I do is sit back...
and watch as strange men...
try to impress you
in weird and stupid ways...

and then you just pick
the least disgusting one.

You better pick
one of those least disgusting guys in...

the next 13 days.
You just worry
about closing your own deal.

if we get the school,
which we will...

but not weird boyfriends
and girlfriends, must we jump?

Good night, Joe.
Can I get specifics on Bwick, please?
See you.
No, I told you everything.
That´s not fair, you dog!

You were brilliant tonight.
- I hate you.
- Sweet dreams.

No, wait...
- Was I okay tonight?
- You were the best.

- Really?
- Good night.

- I was? I really?
- Go to sleep.

Come on, was I okay? Really?
I love you. Good night.
See you in the morning.