If Lucy Fell

with sadness by your
untimely departure last night...

and he couldn´t get your number.
Too overwhelmed with sadness
by your untimely departure last night.

But stalking me was apparently
well within your comfort zone.

I made this for you.
You could have it.
Or we could trade.
Little birdie for your number.
Thank you.
5 5 5-6745. Cellular.
Little child speaks
what we dare not say.

I dare for you not to have me call you.
I dare you!
Which one?
I think I like this.
I like this. This is nice.

- It´s pretty.
- I like it on you.

It doesn´t really matter
because he won´t call.

If you shut up, he´d call.
- And if I don´t?
- He won´t.

Look. If I wear these with it,
do you think it´s too dark?

I like it.
Hi, Bwick.
Is she free tonight?
Yes, she is.

I guess I´ll wear this tonight...
on my date, because...
he called me.
And down, slowly...
lower, lower.
Good. Good.
Saturation. Saturation.
And, vanquish!
Vanquish! Good!
Rotate right.
Rotate right, slowly.
Attitude adjustment.
Good. And stab!
Drop! Door!