Independence Day

Wake up him!
- Hello.
- Hi.

- It's me.
- Hi.

- What time is it there?
- It's 2.45 in the morning.

- I know I didn't wake you.
- As a matter of fact, you did.

l have a confession to make.
I'm sleeping next to
a beautiful, young brunette.

You didn't lether stay up watching TV?
- Did you?
- Of course not. You're coming home

- Right after the luncheon?
- Yes, yes.

- Mommy?
- Here's your mother.

- Hi, honey!
- I miss you.

President Whitmore's approval ratings
have slipped below 40%...

He's good.
Are the salad days over
for President Whitmore?

Leadership as a Gulf War pilot
is different from leadership in politics...

Daddy let me watch Letterman.
They elected a warrior and got a wimp.
- Morning, George.
- Morning, Mr President.

That game couldn't have been pretty.
Thank you, sir.
Connie, you're up awfully early this morning.
They're not attacking your pollcies,
they're attacking your age.

"Whitmore seems less like the President and
more like the orphaned child Oliver asking:

'Please, sir, I'd like some more."'
- That's clever.
- I'm not laughing.

Age was not an issue when you stuck to your
guns. You were seen as young, idealistic...

Now the message has gotten lost.
It's too much politics, too much compromise.
Isn't it amazing how quickly
everyone can turn against you?

It's a fine line between standing
behind a principle and hiding behind one.

You can tolerate a little compromise if you're
managing to get something accomplished.