Independence Day

CNS is running a story that we're covering up
a nuclear-testing experiment.

They can run with it
if they want to embarrass themselves.

NASA wants to know our position.
Our official position is
we have no official position.

- What is going on here?
- Guys, would I keep you out ofthe loop?

- Absolutely.
- What? I can't hear you.

At the moment
our satellites are somewhat unreliable.

Isn't it possible
that this thing mayjust pass us by?

What if it doesn't? Why don't we target
some ICBMs to blow it up?

And risk turning
one dangerous falling object into many?

We don't yet know enough
to make any kind of intelligen tjudgments.

Luckily the press is making up
their own story for now.

But that's not gonna keep.
- We may need to upgrade to DEFCON 3.
- Absolutely.

General, tell NORAD we're on DEFCON 3.
- That's not what the President said.
- Isn't that a bit premature?

Over 50% of the armed forces
are on weekend leave.

Plus the commanders and troops
that are in town for the Fourth of July parade.

The object has settled into a stationary orbit.
- Well, that's good news.
- Not really, sir.

Part of it has broken off
into nearly three dozen pieces.

Smaller than the whole,
yet over 15 miles in width themselves.

Where are they heading?
They should be entering our atmosphere
within the next 25 minutes.