Independence Day

I'll leave as soon as the interviews are done.
All right. A helicopter
will be taking you to Nullius.

- And the munchkin?
- She'll meet you there.

All right. I love you.
I love you.
- Bye.
- Bye.

It 's the White House!
- You can't drive up and ring a bell.
- Can't you go any faster?

You think they don't know what you know?
She works for the President.

- They know everything.
- They don't know this.

You're gonna educate them, huh?
So are you so smart?

How come you spent eight years
in MlT to become a cable repairman?

All I'm saying is they got people
who handle these things.

If they want HBO, they'll call you.
Look at these people, look.

Vultures. They take and then they go.
They're going faster than we are.
We're in the fast lane!

- They're cutting me off.
- No one's cutting you off!

- They're getting in front. I can't go faster.
- I don't wanna argue.

- Let's just get there, quickly.
- What's the rush?

You think we'll get to Washington
and it won't be there?

A crop-duster was arrested
as he dropped leaflets from the air.

- Everybody's leavin'.
- Can you give us some ofyour time?

We've got to stop them!I was kidnapped
by space aliens ten years ago!

They did all kinds of experiments on me!
They've been studying us,
finding out our weaknesses!

We've gotta stop 'em.
They're gonna kill us all!

Some people attribute his behaviour
to post-traumatic stress

from his service as a pilotin Vietnam.
Others have a more unusual theory.
How would you describe Mr Casse?
- Keeps to himself. Quiet.
- Private.

When they took him up in the spaceship,
the aliens abused him sexually.
Mr Casse is in the county lockup...
Pack up. We're leaving.
He maybe released later tonight...