Independence Day

- You can do that?
- Yeah.

All cable repairmen can, Pops.
The visitors have arrived,
but the President remains at the White House.

Question. Are Mr Whitmore's actions
a) ultra brave or b) foolhardy?

- What?
- Don't hang up, sweetie.

David! How did you get this number?
- Do me a favour. Walk to the window.
- And I'm looking for what?

You'll see.
Over here.
See us?
How does he do that?
ln light of our apparent inability
to communicate with the visitors

Pentagon officials have retrofit
this Skylift helicopter

with a visual communications device.
- Mr President.
- Gentlemen, be seated.

- Where are we now?
- We're commencing lift off.

..and refitted
with these enormous light panels

that are attached to the hull
and onto the sides.

Echo One, Welcome Wagon is in the air.
I repeat, Welcome Wagon is in the air.
Roger, Welcome Wagon.
Echo One, right beside you.

This is something I would never believe
that I would be! In the White House!

If I knew I was gonna meet the President,
I would have worn a tie.

Look at me, I look like a schlemiel.
- Oy, my God!
- David,

- I don't know if he'll want to see you.
- Then we're wasting time, we should go.

- Why wouldn't he listen?
- Last time I saw him, we had a fight.

You walked in and punched him in the head.
- The President!
- He wasn't president then.

I punched him, he fought back.
lt was a fight!

A fight that you started!
David thought I was having an affair.

- With the President?
- Which I wasn't!

Either go get him,
or we should head back.

All right, I'll get him.
Wait here, and don't touch anything!

You punched the President?