Independence Day

You, take us to him, OK? Let's go.
All right. Move it!
As the former head of the ClA,
you knew about this place.

- When were you planning to inform us?
- It had been deemed classified.

You should have told us about this
when they first arrived!

We wouldn't have launched a counterattack
that cost the lives of hundreds of our pilots!

We could not have known that our fighters
would've been that ineffective! Mr President.

The little bit of information we have
comes directly into this room.

Atlanta, Chicago, and Philadelphia.
NATO and Western Allied installations
were the first to be taken out.

Then we were hit.
They knew exactly where and how to hit us.
- And our forces?
- We're down to 15%.

If you calculate the time it takes
to destroy a city and move on,

we're looking at the worldwide destruction
of every major city

in the next 36 hours.
We're being exterminated.
Mr President!
This is Captain Steven Hiller.
- Captain.
- Mr President.

Well done.
- Where is it now?
- It's isolated in the containment lab, sir.

I'd like to go see it.
General, I'm really anxious
to get back to El Toro.

Hasn't anyone told you?
El Toro has been completely destroyed.