Independence Day

We were lucky.
Today was the first time I used the subway.
Thank God for the Metro Rail.
These should last us a while.
Don't move. I'll get it for you. Stay still.
- He's your son?
- He's my angel.

Was his father stationed here?
Nah, he...
He wasn't his father.
But I was kinda hopin'
he wanted the job, though.

- So what do you do for a living?
- I'm a dancer.

- Ballet.
- No. Exotic.

- Sorry.
- Don't be. I'm not.

It's good money.
Besides my baby's worth it.

Dylan! Come here.
l want you to meet the First Lady.
- Hello.
- Hi.

I didn't know that you'd recognised me.
Well, I didn't want to say nothin'.
l voted for the other guy.

- Life-support monitors recording.
- So if we screw up, it's all on tape.

Come on.
Let's get this biomechanical suit off.