Independence Day

- Are you all right?
- I saw his thoughts.

I saw what they're planning to do.
They're like locusts.
They're moving from planet to planet.
Their whole civilisation.
After they've consumed
every natural resource, they move on.

And we're next.
Nuke 'em.
Let's nuke the bastards.
Just my luck. No ice.
l take it you've heard?
Hey, toast.
- To the end of the world.
- He didn't come to this decision lightly.

He didn't have any other choice.
- Well, you still believe in him.
- Well, he's a good man.

He'd better be. You left me for him.
Or, you know... for your career.
You know, it wasn't just my career.
It was the biggest opportunity of my life.
I wanted my life to make a difference.
l wanted my life to mean something.

And... I wasn't...
ambitious enough for you?

David, you could have done anything
you wanted. Research, development...

I was happy where I was.
Haven't you ever wanted to be
part of something special?