Independence Day

Any questions?
Let's do it.
All right, you heard the President...
- Good luck, pilot.
- Thank you, Mr President.

A virus.
Your idea.
That's right.
Do you really think you can fly that thing?
Do you really think
you can do all that bullshit you just said?

l understand you are upset
over your wife's death.

But that's no excuse
for making another fatal mistake.

No, my mistake was to appoint a snivelling
weasel like you as Secretary of Defense.

- You don't understand!
- However,

that is one mistake I am thankful to say
that I don't have to live with.

- Mr President...
- Mr Nimsiki,

you're fired.
Let's organise every plane we can find
and get us some goddamn pilots to fly 'em.

- Yes, sir.
- He can't do that.

Well, he just did.
Command has attempted to list casualties
and losses, but information is sketchy.

We know they've lost
the Belgian contingent in the Sinai.

There's a strong possibility reinforcements
are hiding in the Golan Straits.

- What is he saying?
- They're getting a signal. Old Morse code.