Independence Day

And been doing that ever since.
On a personal note, sir,
I'd just like to add that

ever since I was kidnapped
by aliens 10 years ago,

l have been dyin' for some payback.
l just want you to know
that I won't let you down.

You have one tactical nuclear missile
we're loading into this launcher
under the right wing.

This is the firing mechanism.
lt'll be attached to the ship's main console.
Just like the Amraam launch pad
on a Stealth.

Except the nuke will not detonate at impact.
You'll have 30 seconds
to get your asses out ofthere.

Good luck, gentlemen.
30 seconds.
It's the strongest radio transmitter we had.
lt'll tell us when you've uploaded the virus.

30 seconds. Don't you think
that's cutting it too close?

We're gonna be well on our way back home
before we shoot that thing off.

Why you? David!
l don't understand why you can't show
someone else how to plant the virus.

No. Something may go wrong.
l may have to think quickly,
adjust the signal.

Who knows? Hey, you know how
I'm always trying to save the planet?

Here's my chance.
Now he gets ambitious.
- It's too tight.
- Well, I had to borrow it. Let me see.

OK. All right, I guess that's good enough.
So. How do I look?
Oh, thank you. You're a lot of help.
- You're late!
- Well, you know me.

l know. You like to make a big entrance.
Listen. Before we do this,
l just wanna say I'm sorry.

Sorry for what, babe?
l should have done this a long time ago.
- Do you have the ring?
- Yes, sir.