Independence Day

Do it.
Do it.
Sir, he's uploading the virus.
Eagle One, the package is being delivered.
Stand by to engage.
Roger. Eagle One, check left.
Listen up! We have an emergency situation.
We need you to grab everything you can.
Only what you can carry.
We need to get you inside immediately.

The virus is in.
All we can do now is pray.
- Delivery complete. Engage.
- Delivery complete. It's a go!

Eagle One. Fox three.
Gentlemen, this is it.
Come on, come on.
Virus ineffective. Disengage.
- Get your people out.
- Disengage.

Rear flank, followsuit.
Hold on, Command.
- I want another shot at it.
- Sir, I strongly recommend you disengage.

Eagle One. Fox three.
- Direct hit!
- It's a hit! Squadron leaders, fire at will!

We're going in. Squadron leaders, take flight.
- Eagle Six at seven.
- Eagle Five at three.

Eagle One. Fox two.
Eagle Twenty! Fox two!