Independence Day

We're running out of missiles, sir.
We're not causing enough damage.

It's directly over us.
They're preparing to fire
their primary weapon!

Then let's take it out before it takes us out.
Target at 12 o'clock!
My God! They're everywhere!
- Bandits on our tail! Locked on!
- I see 'em.

Squadron leaders, I want a weapons check!
You're outta time! Disable it now!
I'm in range. Locking on.
I've got tone. Eagle One, fox two!
That is an NI. Negative impact.
I'm out of missiles. Eagle Two!
I'm on it.
- All missiles have been fired.
- Outta time! Get your ass outta there!

- We're not done yet!
- Get as far away as you can!

Doesn't anyone have any missiles left?
Sorry I'm late, Mr President!
I got hung up back there!
- Pilot, you armed?
- Armed and ready, sir!

I'm packin'!
- Who is that guy?
- Put him on speaker.

- Pilot, identify yourself.
- It's me!

Russell Casse, sir.
I told you I wouldn't let you down!
Just keep those guys off me
for a few more seconds, will ya?

OK. Echo Niner, Echo Seven, take
flanking positions. Look after this guy, OK?