Jerry Maguire

The world. Six billion people...
When I was a kid, there were three.
It's hard to keep up.

That's better.
That's America.

America still sets
the tone for the world.

In Indiana, Clark Hodd.
The country's best point-guard.

Last week he scored 100 points
in a single game.

Erica Sorgi.
You'll see her ln the next Olympics.

In Seattle. Dallas Malloy, 16.
One of the premier women boxers.

She's thinking about her boyfriend
right now.

Indio, California. Art Stallings.
Check out what pure joy looks like.

Odessa, Texas.
The great Frank Cushman.

Next April, 26 teams will be falling
over themeselves to sign him.

He's my most important client.
Start trying!
There's genius everywhere.
Some make it...