Jerry Maguire

Dorothy, while I go look for him,
you grab this gentleman here.

You scared me!
- Don't do that again, ever!
- Okay, Mommy.

Ever, ever... ever!
- Dorothy... take care.
- Thank you so much.

I loved your memo, by the way.
- You did?
- Yeah.

Thanks. Actually,
it was just a mission statement.

In this age, optimism like that
is a revolutionary act.

I appreciate that.
I didn't know if I should write it.

It was two in the morning,
and some of the stuff I just...

That part about
"embracing with enthusiasm...

...and forcing commerce to give
a little back for the greater good."

I was inspired,
and I'm an accountant.

I mean, to respect yourself enough
to say it out loud.

To put yourself out there like that,
so nakedly.

I don't know... It got me.
- Is this bothering you?
- No, this is... great.

It's great.
Do you need a ride?
Do you need a lift?

Oh, no! I'm sure
that would just make your day.

Driving us out to Manhattan Beach.
All those tiny streets.