Jerry Maguire

You did this to yourself.
You said fewer clients.

How do you think it feels
firing you?

I've thought about it all week.
Get past yourself for a second!

- You'll lose.
- You wanted smaller.

Well, now I want all my clients,
and yours, too.

Wendy, bring me my numbers.
- Cush.
- This is Sugar.

Look, you're the most important guy
in sports. How does it feel?

I just want to play football.
Dad, it's one of the agents.

Wendy! Keep trying Cushman.
And please, bring me my numbers.

J.J., what's up?
Have you talked to Maguire?

He had a meltdown.
I've talked to Doritos about you.

They're very interested.
Here, talk to Rick.

Carlo, you pay 25% of your
endorsements to SMI. I'll take 18%.

I don't know if it was drugs,
but the guy freaked out.

He's not the guy for you.
How's your mom?

I'm gonna make this easy for you.
What does your heart tell you?
I'm sorry to hear that.

- What's going on?
- They've fired Jerry Maguire.