Jerry Maguire

Don't panic.
We're gonna be okay.

We're gonna be great.
We're gonna be... great.

- I wonder what he said.
- My aunt is hearing impaired.

He just said,
"You complete me".

To support one another,
we've got to listen to one another.

Women are taught not to see
each other as good people.

We see each other as enemies.
We compete over men.

- It's true, It's terrible.
- I used to hate women.

Now I've met you guys,
and you're like me.

It's important
because you can be my friends.

- What about medical?
- Of course.

Single parents can't be frivolous.
If you had read what he wrote,
you'd have left, too.

Do you know those child exams
cost $150, and that's if he's well.

- Where is Ray?
- Asleep in the living room.