Jerry Maguire

Don't leave my little boy alone
with your divorced women's group.

I've finally got in touch
with my anger.

What did I do?
Function, function...
Forward motion is everything.

Cush saves all.
Go to Texas. Keep one star,
and they'll all follow.

There's no real loyalty.
You told me that yourself.

- I was trying to sleep with you.
- Well, it worked.

I will not let you fail.
You are Jerry Maguire!

King of the house calls.
Master of the living room.

- Okay, this is working.
- You are not a loser.

- Who mentioned losing?
- Wrong word! When can you leave?

- Matt?
- I'm in the back, Jerry.

Would you like a bloody beer?
- Beer and tomato juice.
- I'm fine.

We've spent a lot of time together,
and you know I care about your son.

I'm concerned
that if you stay with SMI...

We've decided to stay with you.