Jerry Maguire

I'm not really a hugger.
I can't let go.

I told myself if he shows up,
we stick with him.

- Hey, Jerry. How's it going?
- Hey, Cush.

- How are you?
- You remember Keith.

He must go number one in the draft,
and I want him to play.

It'll either be Denver or San Diego.
- I'll either surf or ski.
- Denver's where he should be.

You know I don't do contracts,
but what you do have ls my word.

And it's stronger than oak.
- Hello.
- Jerry Maguire.

- Is Avery there?
- She has an NFL meeting in Atlanta.

- Hello?
- My son's here with the nanny.

- In our office?
- Nanny? I prefer child technician.

- I came home to work here.
- Fine. Dorothy, we are backl