Jerry Maguire

See the Reebok-ad down there.
Where are my endorsements?

No love from Chevy,
no love from Pepsi...

I ain't gettin' no love from Nike.
Did I ever tell you
about my Reebok story?

- I've got to get back to Cushman.
- Oh, your golden paycheck.

I'll boil it down for you.
Fuck Reebok!

All they do is ignore me.
Always have.

For a moment down there,
you got that chip off your shoulder.

You let people in.
You were brilliant.

- Really?
- Brilliant.

- See you tomorrow.
- You're loving me now.

I'm showing you the money!
I was just testing you, but to hear
you say that makes me love you.

Jerry, come back.
- How was your flight?
- Good.

If you can find your size, grab
some of those shoes by the door.

Cush, Matt,
we have a decision to make.

San Diego just came in with
a last-minute scenario. It's big.

- He's got to go number one.
- San Diego wants him bad.

- What happened to Denver?
- Before a draft, people get crazy.

San Diego is offering seven years
for 30. Signing bonus of 8.

- Should I unplug the phone?
- Damn reporters.

You just say, "No comment".
I'm no good at
talking and saying nothing.