Jerry Maguire

Let me.
For you, it's a pleasure.
This is Cush.

It's Sugar. Is Maguire there?
Sniff if he is.

You're in with the big boys now.
I got you the deal you needed.

This is business, not friendship.
You've got to be strong.

Okay, buddy? See you later.
No comment.
- He's got it all wrong.
- You're on TV again.

I'm sick of me.
Before I go back to Denver,
let's put something down on paper.

- A contract with Jerry Maguire.
- Not right now, Jerry.

Do I know everything
there is to know here, Matt?

You're not talklng with Bob Sugar?
- Denver would only deal with him.
- Said who? Sugar?

- I'm learning as I go here.
- You let him deal behind my back?

I'm sorry... I love my son.
I love your son!
I brought Denver to 20 million.

You listened to Bob Sugar?
That is a child.

You let that snake in the door?