Jerry Maguire

- Everything is on the run with us.
- We are salespeople. We sell.

It's not trust my handshake,
it's make the sale! Get it signed.

- Welcome to my nightmare.
- Is honesty outlawed here?

- I would prefer loyalty.
- Our deal was the brutal truth.

I think you added the "brutal".
There is a sensitivity thing that
some people have. I don't have it.

I don't cry at movies,
or gush over babies.

And I don't tell a man who just
screwed up, "Oh, poor baby."

But I do love you.
- Avery, it's over.
- I didn't hear it.

- There's something missing.
- You've never been alone.

- You can't be alone.
- It's over.

- No one has ever dumped me.
- I'm not trying to make history.

I climbed El Capitan in 18 hours and
23 minutes. I can make this work.

Oh, Jerry . ..
I didn't ever want to hurt you.
I won't let you hurt me, Jerry.
I'm too strong for you. Loser!