Jerry Maguire

Roll with the punches .
Tomorrow's another day.

- Taxi !
- You're loving me now, aren't you?

Very much. Taxi!
Didn't we arrive in a limo?
I hope I don't sound too much
like a shrink here, but...

- What's wrong?
- I'm just a big disappointment.

Everybody cries on this show.
If you've tested positive,
quit doing blow.

Upset about your baby girl.
Why did you leave her mother?

The media don't understand the
pressures $54 million comes with.

- This is some bullshit.
- What are you doing wlth me, Rod?

- What?
- Don't you even see? I'm finished.

I am fucked!
24 hours ago... I was hot!

Now, I'm a cautionary tale.
You see this jacket I'm wearing?
I don't need it. I'm a failure!

I lost the number-one draft pick!
Why? Let's recap.

Because a hockey player's kid
made me feel like a jerk.

I ate some bad pizza, went to bed
and grew a conscience!

I've got ten years, tops. My next
contract has got to be a big one.

I could be out in five years.
What's my family gonna live on?

I don't want to hear your shit.
"I lost Cush and Avery..."

A drink, please.
Anybody else would have left you
by now, but I'm sticking with you.