Jerry Maguire

- I'm glad you listen to me.
- Well, I love you.

When my dad retired from the
United Way after 38 years, he said:

"I wish they'd given me
a more comfortable chair."

When my dad died, my mom took me
to the zoo and I loved it.

- Let me tell you about my dad.
- No, let's go to the zoo.

Okay, you're right.
My whole life I've been
trying to talk... really talk.

But no one wants to listen.
You know that feeling?

- They just look at you...
- Let's go to the zoo, right now.

The zoo...
the fucking zoo's closed, Ray.

- You said "fuck".
- Yeah, I did.

- Is that...?
- I won't tell.

Well... then I'm gonna have to
take you to the zoo.

I've got to go to bed,
my mom's coming in.

- I've got to go to bed.
- Thanks for listening.

Okay. Drinks, food,
and I called you a cab.

- Good idea.
- Quiet, I have a little boy asleep.

Our company!
A little speech before I go.
Do not worry about your future.