Jerry Maguire

- I'm getting him up, don't worry.
- What? I'm just waiting for coffee.

- Just tell me one thing.
- No.

I'm worried this guy may not have
an emotional marble in his head.

Laurel, if I start talking . ..
I took a chance, all right?

- This guy's on the bottom rung.
- Maybe I am taking advantage.

Does that make me a bad person?
Roger was popular and charming,
and not so nice to me, and he died.

Why should I let this guy go when
my body tells me that he's the one?

- I just wanted the fun details.
- Why didn't you say so?

Well, you might be interested
in this one little detail...

I love him.
I do! I love him,
and I don't care what you think.

I love him for the man he wants
to be, and for the man he almost is.

I love him, Laurel. I love him.
Hi, Jerry.
Act natural.
- Tell me he's not there.
- He's not there.

- Easy, ladies.
- Coffee, Jerry?

No, thanks. We bottom feeders
prefer cereal first.