Jerry Maguire

- Let's have Apple Jacks.
- Apple Jacks it is.

Dorothy... good morning, darling.
- Good morning.
- What's going on?

A lot. We've got a big fax.
We need this commission.

Milk? Cheers.
That was really great of you,
this morning.

Let's just root for a big offer
so we can move into a real office.

Would you mind? Thanks a lot.
1.7 for three years?
We owe more than that!

- I'll get back to them.
- They're fucking us in the ass!

I'm sorry,
I'm a little pregnant right now.

- I feel like crying, Jerry.
- Don't take this so emotionally.

- We'll roll with the problem.
- Why are you so calm?

"Don't take it emotionally?"
You need to get emotional.

- Get me Bob Sugar on the phone.
- Marcee...

- You want to leave me?
- What exactly do you stand for?

- What do you stand for?
- How about integrity?

There's so much greed in the world
I don't know what to tell my son!

But this guy isn't yelling,
"Show me the money!"

Do you know he's broke
and working for you for free?