Jerry Maguire

Hey, Dorothy, come here.
Ladies and gentlemen...

Mr. and Mrs. Maguire.
We're gonna have a great season.

Hey, Scotty.
Tidwell did four for 36.

- Jerry... he's having a good game.
- You bet he is.

You're gonna miss him next year.
I've got a great team behind me
and I'm loving it.

- That's my mo-fo!
- Come here.

Be the first man in the family not
to say that, and we'll let you live.

Go kiss Daddy.
I saw you limping a little,
after the first quarter...

I twisted my ankle.
That went well.
Anybody else worth talking to?

Let's go.
- How's your head?
- Terrible.

How you doing, Rod? Tough game.
That quarterback sucks.
He's gonna get me killed.

My brains will be blown loose
before you get me my 10 million.