Jerry Maguire

That is not what inspires people!
Shut up!
Play the game from your heart.

Then I'll show you the kwan.
And that's the truth!

Can you handle it?
It's just a question from a friend.

When they call you "shrimp",
I'm the one who defends you!

I don't want to be friends no more.
And quit using that word kwan.

- I'll see you in L.A.
- No heart?

I'm all heart, motherfucker!
- How many concussions has he had?
- I can't get no respect.

I went to see this so-called
black film the other day.

No more salt for you. The biggest
game of the season is coming up.

20 minutes of coming attractions.
All black films and all violent.

- Brothers shooting brothers .. .
- I hate you going out alone.