Jerry Maguire

It's not fair to you,
this whole thing.

Come here.
Tell me, let me help.

I took advantage of you and
I did it with the help of a kid.

I was just on some wild ride.
I thought...

I thought I was in love enough
for both of us.

I jumped at your proposal
when it was still just hypothetical.

I did this, and at least
I can do something about it now.

I'm not a guy who runs.
I stick.

- I don't need you to stick.
- What do you want? My soul?

- Why not? I deserve that.
- What if I'm not built that way?

- I think we made a mistake.
- What if it's true?

Great at friendship,
bad at intimacy.

That's the theme
of my bachelor film.

I know, I watched lt.
I know it by heart.

- I don't like to give up.
- Please...

My need to make the best of things,
and your need to be responsible ...

If we don't do something now, we
could lose ten years being polite.

Let's just call this next road trip
what it really is:

A nice long break.