Jerry Maguire

It was just a mission statement.
Hey, Rod, how are you doing?
How's it going?

- Where's your agent?
- I don't know.

You belong with the big boys.
You belong with the big money.

- You're Rod Tidwell!
- Get away from my guy.

- I was just handling it.
- Just go. Flee.

This is a nice moment for you.
I'm gonna let you have it.

Give me a call, Rod.
Say hi to Marcee.

- Thanks for coming.
- I missed you.

What can I say?
You're all I've got.

This is Frank Gifford in Tempe,
Arizona's Sun Devil Stadium.

The Cardinals are still alive
for a play-off spot.

The reason for that is the
outstandlng play of Rod Tidwell.

The Dallas Cowboys are on a roll.
They know they're in the play-offs.

If Arizona wins tonight
and next week, -

- they'll make the play-offs
for the flrst time in 21 years.