Jerry Maguire

What a great discussion group.
Your father leaves home
on Christmas Eve.

Your mother had to sweep up
to pay your tuition.

Your brother lost a leg.
You've had a pretty horrific life.

- I'm not gonna cry, Roy.
- Well, I've got some good news.

I've got a contract here from the
Arizona Cardinals. Four years.

$11.2 million and you'll get
to play in your home state.

What do think of that?
I love everybody.
I love my wife! Marcee!

I love my kids.
Tyson and my new baby.

My older brother and
my younger brother Tee Pee.

You're militant, but I love you.
- I love my teammates.
- We only have a half-hour show.

Jerry... Congratulations.
Good for you.

- Hi, Jerry, you remember Troy.
- Yeah, we met in '93.

I enjoyed your memo.
- The Cardinals finally came around.
- We're out of time.

Wait, I'm forgetting somebody.
Jerry Maguire, my agent.