Killer Barbys

Now we've reaIIy screwed up.
You can come home, we'II phone
to the garage from there.

- Is your house near here?
- Yes, up there...

But it's not my home, it's
countess Freguenmans's home.

- I'm her secretary
- Won't we disturb her?

No, he Iikes young peopIe
No, we'II sIeep here.
We'II be better in the house.
Stop fucking just for a whiIe!
- What's the matter, fuck?
- We are staying here this night.

I know.
Up there there's a house.
We are going there.

Ok, we stay here, to
Iook after aII this.

You disgusting rats!
- Come on.
-Come on, Ieave them.

- If you need heIp, here I am.
- I've enough with him, thank you.

Enjoy yourseIves, then.
It's at the end of this path.
Where did you want to go?

We go to EI AIgar. We're musicians
and we have to pIay there tomorrow.

Damned scamps!. They got up
one of their oId tricks again.